Vaping kits: how to pick which vape is right for you

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Vaping kits: how to pick which vape is right for you

There are several types of vaping kits and devices on the market, and making sure you choose the right vape device for your needs isn’t straightforward. Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about the different types of vaping devices, including battery life, convenience, nicotine capacity and vapour levels. 

Vape pens 

Vape pens are great for first-time vapers as they have an easy-to-use and convenient design. The device resembles a cigarette, with a compact appearance and inhaling mouthpiece. They have a refillable tank and are ideal for E-liquids so you can enjoy flavoursome vaping again and again. Reusable pens have a good battery life too, so you won’t lose charge when you’re out and about. 


Disposable vape pens are also available and can simply be used until the cartridge is empty, so no maintenance is required. They’re definitely the easiest of the vapes to use and they often feature in vape starter kits.

Vape pods 

Vape pods are similar to vape pens in that they resemble a cigarette in shape and are ideal for mouth-to-lung inhalation. These are a good choice for those looking for a higher concentration of nicotine as they’re particularly compatible with nic salts and higher PG E-liquids. 


They’re available in two styles: closed pods and open pods. Closed pods cannot be re-filled with E-liquid but once empty, it’s easy to replace with a new cartridge of your choice. Open pods won’t need a cartridge change and can just be topped up with your favourite E-liquid. 

Box mods:


Box mods are a larger and more bulky vaping device, more suitable for experienced vapers. These give you more control as you can alter the voltage and temperature, meaning you can adjust the rate of the E-liquid being heated. This can affect how large the vapour clouds are and the intensity of throat hits. 

Mechanical mods: 

Mechanical mods are by far the most simplistic and durable vaping devices, but also require an experienced vaper. The devices are made of three parts: atomiser, battery and case. They have no internal circuitry, meaning they can be customised by the user. 


They aren’t the most convenient of the vapes, as unlike the box mod, power and temperature cannot be adjusted, and would need to be completely reassembled if a different setting was desired. These are recommended for advanced vapers who have previous understanding of Ohm’s law, as there are some safety risks with changing batteries.


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