Q: How Do I Unsubscribe?

A: All the subscription elements are handled by Apple. Below you will find very easy instructions for you to disable your subscription. Thanks for giving us a try!

Could you tell us why you want to unsubscribe? Simply reply to this with a short description and you’ll be get a chance to win a year’s subscription.

To Unsubscribe:

Tap the Settings app on your iPad/iPhone/iPod, and scroll down in the left sidebar. Find the iTunes App Store icon and give it a tap. Now tap the Apple ID section, which will pop up a badge for you. Tap on the button that says, “Apple ID,” and enter your password.

You’re now in your Apple ID account settings. Tap the Manage button just below the Subscriptions heading and you’ll get a window that shows you all your magazine and newspaper subscriptions. Tap on the one you don’t want to subscribe to any more, and you’ll then see info for that specific subscription, including the time interval, renewal date, and an Auto-Renew switch. Set the Auto-Renew to OFF with a tap to toggle the switch.

Or you can follow the official instructions from Apple here.


Q: How do I restore a purchase to my iPad device?

A: In order to restore purchases from one device to another the user needs to be logged in to the new device with the same Apple ID that the first purchase was made with.

Then you need to tap Subscribe > Restore All Purchases on the new device and then enter your password to confirm.

Once done purchases will be restored to the new device.

If this doesn’t work then try to use your account number (Device Token) in the current subscribers box after taping on subscribe.


Q: What is my account number?

A: Your account number is the same as your device token. You can find it in the settings on the home screen of the app. Tap the gear icon on the bottom right of the home screen.


Q: I cannot remotely delete the app?

A: Simply go to the newsstand and tap and hold the app. Then you will see an X and the icons shake.

Tap the X to delete the app.


Q: I can’t download the app on my device. What do I need to do?

A: Can you check how much space you have left on your device and try again? Also could you try signing out of your Apple ID and signing back in, making sure you are using the ID that you used when you first subscribed or purchased an issue.

You can also try to re-start the device or delete and re-install the app. You can restore your subscription by signing in with your Apple ID in the app again.

Please make sure you are using a good WiFi connection when downloading. Downloading over 3G can cause problems as the issues are quite large.


Q: I can’t download an issue?

A: Are you downloading over 3G or a WiFi connection? The issues are quite large so please always download over a WiFi connection. Try to delete the old issue and download over a strong WiFi connection.

Additionally, please make sure that you only download 1 issue at a time.


Q: Where do I find the issues I’ve download from the back issues pack?

A: If you go out of the Mega Pack Issue. TAP and HOLD the screen to get the MENU bar. Tap HOME at the top. You will see the issues downloaded on the main home screen. 


Q: How do I view the issue from the back issue pack?

A: When you purchase the special back issues pack you will need to enter into the issue and download the purchased issues from there.

  1. Tap the Back issues pack you just purchased.
  2. Navigate to the issue inside the pack.
  3. Tap the download button to download the issue on the HOME screen.

Please ONLY download ONE issue at a time using a good WiFi connection.