Imaginary Characters (Groot) earning more fame then superstars : Guardians of the Glaaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy was the hit blockbuster movie of Summer 2014. In short: Marvel has once again managed to surpass everyone’s expectations when it comes to their movies. Of course, Guardians of the Galaxy isn’t quite like all of the other superhero movies that we have seen, but it still gets two big thumbs up.

An aspect of this movie that made it so awesome was surely the characters – And we aren’t talking about the humans! The imaginary characters of Guardians of the Galaxy really stole the show. After all, have you ever seen another movie with a talking raccoon that is loaded with snarky comebacks or a loveable tree with a small vocabulary? Probably not, but then again, that’s what makes them so darn special.


It is hard to talk about Guardians of the Galaxy without making mention of the epic green-skinned hero that is known as Drax the Destroyer. Let’s face it, every man wishes they were as strong and mighty as Drax. He is a true physical brute with a subtle sensitive side as he is looking to seek vengeance against the evil Ronan, who murdered his family. Bringing a lot of intensity to the team of guardians, Drax is fuelled by pure range and will easily take down anyone that attempts to mess with him!


Groot is easily one of the most lovable characters in the Guardians of the Galaxy Movie. He is a tree, so of course his vocabulary is limited, but that didn’t stop him from stealing the hearts of everyone in the audience. Although, one should not underestimate his kind and goofy tendencies because he is extremely strong and powerful. Everyone who has seen the movie knows that Groot is not one to back away from a fight. He will use his super tree powers and his phenomenal magic abilities to break through any barrier as well as anyone that makes the effort to hurt him or one of the other guardians. In addition, he also effortlessly brought a huge smirk to everyone’s face as the baby version of himself danced his little heart out at the end of the movie.


Rocket may be little and he may in fact be a Raccoon, but he is easily one of the best bounty hunters that Hollywood has ever seen. This powerful mercenary has mastered weapons as well as unbeatable battle tactics that make him a true warrior of the galaxy. Rocket Raccoon is a mechanical genius who has the ability to make just about anything from whatever that he can find. All in all, he is a gun-toting badass and there is a part of all of us that wishes that we could be as cool as this cybernetically enhanced racoon.


Who would of thought that the imaginary characters would earn more fame than the superstars of Guardians of the Galaxy? Drax, Groot and Rocket Raccoon all have unique qualities that made them essential members of the team. Who knows what’s next for them? Maybe a spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Only time will tell!

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