Luxury Athletic Wear: a Buyers Guide for Modern Men

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It’s no longer acceptable to turn up to the gym in ragged, old, and ugly clothing. In the past, rocking up for a workout in your old band tees and battered tennis shoes might have been the norm, but those days are long gone. Men’s athletic wear has come a long way since then.

Not only do modern gym clothes help you to look stylish while breaking a sweat, but they also bring crucial performance benefits. Sweat-wicking materials and energy-recovery fabrics are now the norm in athletic wear, so choosing the right outfit is vital if you really want to push your limits. However, in a saturated market, it can be difficult to choose appropriate athletic wear. Here is a buying guide for gym wear.

Weightlifting Shoes

If you’re new to the gym, you might think that you can simply lift weights in your running shoes. While this isn’t necessarily untrue, any seasoned gym rat will tell you the difference the proper footwear can make.

We accept that some shoes are more appropriate for certain situations in every aspect of life, so why should the gym be different? You wouldn’t turn up to a business meeting in your sliders, and likewise, you shouldn’t come to the gym in the wrong shoes.

As a result, if your workout routine includes activities like squatting or deadlifting, weightlifting shoes are essential. Studies have shown that this footwear style can optimize your posture while lifting, helping you lift heavier and avoid injury. Here is a look at why weightlifting shoes are essential for heavy lifting.

Running Shoes

The same footwear logic applies to running shoes. Much like weightlifting shoes are designed to help you lift heavier weights more safely, running shoes can help you to set PBs during your cardio sessions. Any successful workout regimen should incorporate some degree of cardio, so there will be times when you need to bypass the weights room for the treadmill.

Running shoes provide springy soles and specially designed support for your gait while jogging. These can improve comfort during grueling sessions and ultimately help you to run faster, for longer.

Athletic Tees

If you are on the lookout for a stylish top to wear while working out, one thing you should look for is sweat-wicking. If you plan on pushing your limits during every session, you will want a shirt that can actively collect perspiration and dry off rapidly.

This technology tends to make use of synthetic materials like polyester to take sweat and disperse it evenly across the garment. This helps to support your body’s natural cooling system by speeding up evaporation. When sweat evaporates, it cools your skin, which improves comfort during intense sessions.


While it might not be immediately apparent, there is a difference between running shorts and training shorts. Those that you wear for training are typically longer and will fall just above the knee. This design has been carefully considered, as it aims to restrict the motion of your legs while training. They are also better suited for the gym as they will have features like pockets.

On the other hand, running shorts tend to be shorter in length to deliver a greater range of movement when running. This makes them an excellent choice for your cardio sessions. Additionally, running shorts will often feature integrated undershorts. This can dramatically reduce chafing during longer sessions, which can be an invaluable feature for many.

Full Tracksuits

If you are looking for something that you can just as easily wear out with friends as you can in the gym, look no further than a luxury tracksuit. These garments are designed for ultimate comfort and mobility while still delivering in the style department.

While you might be reluctant to believe that looking your best will help you perform better, studies have shown just this. The science supports the notion that dressing appropriately for the job at hand can boost your performance. Psychological studies have demonstrated that the choice of clothing can influence an individual’s psychology. We all know the importance of mental fortitude in sport, so wearing something you feel comfortable and confident in could make all the difference.

The current trend in athletic wear is men’s oversized tracksuits. You can get high-quality men’s oversized tracksuits from The Gym King. These can help you feel confident in and out of the gym, boosting your overall performance.


Overall, while wearing the correct attire might not be the most important aspect of exercising, it can certainly help you attain new levels while working out. Not only does modern athletic wear incorporate new technology to improve performances and reduce injuries, but it also looks good. Feeling confident while exercising is an excellent way to maintain motivation during gym sessions, so finding functional and stylish clothes is essential.

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