Griff 300 Drone

With the popularity of drones ever rising, it can be hard to find one that’s truly impressive. The Griff 300 Drone is one that’s definitely worth the hype. The Norwegian tech company took aesthetics in mind when creating this nifty piece of machinery, making for a sleek gadget that will fit seamlessly within your collection. Adding to its appeal, the Griff 300 Drone can stay airborne for 45 minutes, and is capable of lifting a load of an astounding 1,760 pounds. As far as drones are concerned, the Griff 300 is all-time, and certainly has the power to up the ante on your outdoor playtime.

Griff 300 Drone 


Screenshot-2017-01-12-10.45.22 The-Griff-300-Drone-1 Screenshot-2017-01-12-10.43.22

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