Review: Harbor London Macbook Folio

Remember when Seinfeld had an affinity for European carry-alls? The Harbor London’s Macbook Folio would be right up his alley. I’ve had the pleasure of getting acquainted with this exceptional accessory, and I can say it is among my all-time favorites for a number of reasons, which we’ll dive into here.

Who is Harbor London?

Harbor London is a London-based brand established in 2012. The company’s founders recognized a need for quality laptop cases and decided to embark on the task themselves. Eight years later, Harbor London has become a staple of quality laptop accessories, which brings us to the beauty that is the Harbor London Macbook Folio.

Sleek Looks

Life is slowly but surely returning to some semblance of normalcy, meaning soon enough people will be back to their daily routines. Harbor London’s Carry-All Macbook Folio is exactly the kind of accessory a gent needs to feel his most capable, sophisticated self on his daily commute. Minimalism is the name of the game here, with the folio crafted from Full Grain Vegetable tanned cowhide leather. It boasts a soft, 100% Wool Felt lining that speaks to the quality of the construction. The relaxed fit of the folio means ample room for carrying all of your daily necessities. A hidden leather pocket inside will hold your card and passports, while another is designed to snugly hold your Apple Pencil or stylus.

Quality Materials

Harbor London’s laptop accessories are made in Spain by expert craftsmen well-versed in the trade. Full Grain Vegetable leather is known for its beautiful aging properties, which form a unique patina over time. Upon taking the Carry-All out of its package, you may notice some small natural marks throughout. Of course, these do not diminish the overall quality of the Carry-All. Small natural markings are merely a testament to the beauty and uniqueness of your folio.

Harbor London’s laptop folios boast soft, 100% Wool Felt, which is a natural fibre harvested from sheep. This renewable, eco-friendly material won’t fray and can’t be pulled apart. Its highly saturated non-woven material is anti-static, self-extinguishing, and moisture resistant. This means your most prized possessions are well protected even through harsh conditions.

Stunning Colors

You’ll find no shortage of options when choosing one of Harbor London’s Carry-Alls. Harbor London’s unique leathers come in a variety of stunning shades, including tan, black, and navy. Some of the brand’s other unique leather items can be purchased in shades like burgundy, dark green, and brown. These shades are striking all year ’round, and will pair wonderfully with your seasonal wardrobe.

Easy Care 

Most accessories lose their luster over time, but the opposite may be true in this case. Aged leather is stylish and sophisticated, and will remain such for years after purchase. Caring for quality items like your Carry-All is easy, too. Spills are no longer the end of the world. If you happen to get caught in the rain or some other unfortunate situation, not to worry. Simply wipe down your leather goods with a clean, dry cloth and let it dry naturally away from direct sunlight. There also may be some rare instances when your Carry-All becomes dry. In this event, use an uncolored leather cream and gently rub it into the leather to help it regain its softness and suppleness.

Even if your leather goods are in great condition, a little routine maintenance will extend its life even further. You can use a light leather cleaner to gently wipe off any dirt, then apply a leather conditioner. Be sure not to confuse dirt for the Carry-All’s exceptional patina. Harbor London offers fast, worldwide shipping, 30-day returns, and a 1-year warranty to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Final Word

If you’re on the lookout for laptop accessories of supreme quality, you likely won’t find much better (or affordable) than Harbor London’s selection. These exquisite accessories are ideal for navigating those busy city streets, or even just your local cafe on a quiet day. Even on days when getting out of bed is a struggle, having this Carry-All by your side ensures a look that’s both polished and put-together. And with quality materials, ample storage room, and an indisputably stylish look that’s sure to turn heads, the Harbor London Carry-All Macbook Folio is likely the only one you’ll need for years to come.


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