Cognac Fountain Pen

We don’t typically get too excited about pens around these parts, but there’s something oh-so-sexy about the Cognac Fountain Pen. The brainchild of a partnership between Wealth Solutions and Montegrappa, the pen is a collectible for the ages. Only 110 of these were made, with 10 of them created in gold for optimal luxury. What makes this pen so special? There’s Cognac in it, for starters. Housed in a capsule in the cap’s head is some of the rarest Cognac known to man, so rare, in fact, that it was registered as the oldest ever sold at auction — dating back to 1762, to be exact. You might not want to write with it, but if you happen to have an extra $6K just lying around, it’s a fine piece to add to your collection of luxury office supplies. That’s a thing, right?

Cognac Fountain Pen

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