Pavlok Fitness Band

Just short of having that drill sergeant-type personal trainer shadowing you around in his neon yellow short shorts busting your chops for downing that fourth slice of pizza last night, the Pavlok Fitness Band is likely the next best thing to help keep you on track of your fitness goals. This cool wrist accessory is designed to track your fitness stats and accurately measure progress with the help of a smart app. Cool right? Sure is, but we’ve all seen this before with other “smart watches”. The Pavlok’s real claim to fame is what happens next when you deviate from your goals – I mean it really lets you have it!

The genius band will actually administer a mild shock for oversleeping or blowing off a scheduled trip to the gym. It will even go as far as calling you out on your social media channels to let all of your friends know you’ve chosen to slack off instead of sweating it up for a killer workout. Ready for the cool flipside? For users that stay on track and complete set goals, the Pavlok band can reward money and various prizes. Who can’t use one of these bad boys?

Pavlok - The Fitness Tracker With Punishing Powers! Pavlok Fitness 2 Pavlok 3 Pavlok 4


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